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‘Chaos & Kindness’ was created by Justin & Ryan in 2016. It first started airing in March 2017. The Emmy Award winning TV show, was created to inspire people to have fun living life while giving back. Justin & Ryan produce, direct, edit and star in the show, and they are willing to do anything; yes anything, in the name of kindness. The show is jam-packed with fun, comedy and heart-melting moments that you'll remember for a very long time.

‘Chaos and Kindness’ is the winner of two New England Emmy awards and has been nominated for eight others. ‘Chaos & Kindness’ also won honorable mention in the prestigious ‘Gabriel Awards’ that honors excellence in film and broadcast in the United States and Canada.

You can catch ‘Chaos & Kindness’ on WMUR-TV in New Hampshire, and soon on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

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Emmy Award
Gabriel Award

Chaos & Kindness is an innovative brand established by Justin Spencer, the founder of rock band Recycled Percussion, in 2016. Chaos & Kindness was created to inspire people to be kind and to live life to its fullest in this often chaotic world. ‘Chaos & Kindness’ launched as a television show that is still being produced weekly. It can be seen on WMUR-TV in New Hampshire and Amazon Prime worldwide.

The first Chaos & Kindness Store and Experience was launched in 2019.