in the community.

It's simple. Live YOUR life to its fullest while having fun and always being kind.

Justin says it best, "In a world for of chaos, it's important to show your kindness."

The Chaos & Kindness team is committed to helping others. Justin and Ryan have helped people suffering from Hurricane Harvey in Texas and traveled to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Here at home, they’ve helped the elderly, homeless, families, and children.

Chaos & Kindness gives a percentage of every sale to help make the world a kinder place.

Chaos & Kindness is an innovative brand established by Justin Spencer, the founder of rock band Recycled Percussion, in 2016. Chaos & Kindness was created to inspire people to be kind and to live life to its fullest in this often chaotic world. ‘Chaos & Kindness’ launched as a television show that is still being produced weekly. It can be seen on WMUR-TV in New Hampshire and Amazon Prime worldwide.

The first Chaos & Kindness Store and Experience was launched in 2019.