about us.


Chaos & Kindness is a worldwide brand and movement created by the founder of Recycled Percussion, Justin Spencer. Justin and his cousin, Ryan Vezina, launched Chaos & Kindness in their home state of New Hampshire with one goal in mind: to show the world you can live life to its fullest while having fun and giving back. Chaos & Kindness is how Justin and Ryan live their own lives. They live large, loving every bit of chaos life has to offer, and making it a point to be kind, to be thankful, and to always give back. They've now built a Chaos & Kindness team with the intention to take the world by storm, inspiring people to take on big challenges, set goals, live large, and always be kind.

Our unique products are made to inspire people to live life with purpose and positivity. A percentage of all of our sales always goes toward making the world a kinder place.


the creator

His flaws are: too much energy, can’t focus, mood swings, poor judgment calls, and tight pants. His positives? Too much energy, can’t focus, and has a huge heart.


mr. kind/co-creator

Obsessing about the perfect episodes of Chaos & Kindness, Ryan spends his time on both sides of the camera keeping the TV show fresh and always missing deadlines.


Broke his leg badly, so he spends his time designing clothes, brushing up on trivia and just hanging on for dear life.


The head of production his responsibility is keeping the Emmy award winning TV show Chaos & Kindness out of the hands of Ryan so we don’t miss deadlines. He is also an avid podcast listener and often forgets the drone.


After spending 10 years performing on the Las Vegas strip, Quinn now applies her talents managing product for all our stores. Her attention to detail was the better of the 2 people we interviewed, so she got the gig!


To keep shit together and Justin out of jail. She also heads up community projects and is best known for being gluten intolerant and having too many shoes.


Still trying to figure out what he does. We think it’s media.


Roy is just a friend who has never been on a website before, so we added him. We love Roy.

“In a world full of chaos, it’s important to show your kindness.”

Chaos & Kindness is an innovative brand established by Justin Spencer, the founder of rock band Recycled Percussion, in 2016. Chaos & Kindness was created to inspire people to be kind and to live life to its fullest in this often chaotic world. ‘Chaos & Kindness’ launched as a television show that is still being produced weekly. It can be seen on WMUR-TV in New Hampshire and Amazon Prime worldwide.

The first Chaos & Kindness Store and Experience was launched in 2019.